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REVIEW: Heartless

REVIEW: Heartless

blog-heartlessHeartless by Marissa Meyer

4/5 Stars

“If I had given my heart to someone else, I surely think I would know of it”

After only finishing this last night all I can say is “OFF WITH MY HEAD” because I obviously do not need it anymore. My heart either, you can take that and be off with it as well. This book is silly and heart-wrenching, ridiculous and wonderful- it pays great tribute to the original Alice story, bringing in characters and phrases that will have your nostalgia levels through the roof. There are so many ups and downs and turn arounds this book is a perfect movie inside your head. I found myself entranced with the witty banter and ridiculous conversations.

Just so you have a bit of a background before I go into more spoiler-y things, This book is centered on Lady Catherine Pinkerton, daughter of the Marquess of the Land of Hearts. While her only dreams are to open up the best bakery in all of Hearts, her parents conspire to set her up with the King. Of course, to further complicate Catherine’s dreams, a new court Joker shows up named Jest. And with his floppy dark hair and golden eyes how could she not (quite literally) faint right into his arms. This book is topsy-turvy and wonderful, that will have you rooting for the once villain – Queen of Hearts.

Now SPOILERS AHEAD. So if you haven’t read the book GO READ THE BOOK.

Now, to everyone who has read the book or enjoys having all the fun sucked out of reading, here are my thoughts…

You know when you know your mother hates that particular pair of shorts you have, and you know she will never let you leave the house in them? But you still wear them and when you are sent back to your room to change you are surprised? Thats me right now. You know something is going to happen and still WHOOPS surprised! Of course I know that things have to end badly for Catherine, but there was that tiny bit of me that was going.. “Marissa could change it… she could give her a happy ending…” NOPE! SIKE! it all happened so fast and all of a sudden theres blood everywhere and I’m like nooooooo you can’t have gone through with it!!

The Characters in this novel were very likeable. (Except Catherine’s parents of course… asses) Jest was someone that I immediately fell in love with, so the fact that Catherine did as well I wasn’t too surprised with. It was a bit fast for love but heck I loved him too so I can’t really judge. The banter between him and Cath was so fun to read. Hatta was another character I absolutely loved, this novel gave him a depth and almost¬†cynical persona that I thought went very well with his character in the Alice books. One of my favourites was the King – his bubbling foolishness and idiocy was comical – especially his notes of courting.

Every time Jest and Cath were in a room together but not TOGETHER I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest, which I guess is how she felt since at the end of the book she had her heart literally ripped from her chest. (horrid to imagine) This books ending was … inevitable , I guess. But it left me feeling very hollow. I hope Meyer decided to write another book and gives Cath a happy ending.

This review is scatterbrained because I am still stuck in the nonsense world of Wonderland. By the by, I may have to edit this when I don’t feel terribly heartless myself. I gave this book 4/5 starts because it was beautifully and intricately written, the only thing that I was unhappy with was perhaps the pacing and the untied ends. All together this is a wonderful novel that I will definitely be picking up again to re-read and re-brea my heart. Now, ON WITH MY DAY!