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Month: October 2018

REVIEW: Sugar Spells

REVIEW: Sugar Spells

Sugar Spells

by Lola Dodge

3.75/5 stars

The second book in a series, Sugar Spells follows up where Deadly Sweet left off. Anise, a baking witch, lives in a world not that unlike our own, except, well… the witch thing. Everyone knows they are there, but no one is thrilled to have the in their town. When she is forced out of her town and sent to work and apprentice for her Aunt Agatha, she finds that witches are more common in Taos, New Mexico. After a run in with a warlock in Deadly Sweet that held her at the brink of death, Anise is left with death magic she doesnt want, and certainly doesn’t know how to use. Trying her best to get rid of it, Anise strikes a deal with the town vampires and in doing so may lean closer into her new necromancy powers.

First I will say that I read both of these novels in a day. They are compulsively readable. These are the kind of books that are so fun and whimsical that it is easy to lose track of time. Though I will say that I enjoyed the first book much more than the second in terms of the overall plot as the characters remained in the same arc throughout both novels. I felt that Sugar Spells lost some of the charm of Deadly Sweet, deviating from the reasons why Anise was in Taos in the first place. The book seemed almost like a novella or a side-quest, taking the reader on a journey before actually moving on with Anise’s story and her original quest to learn baking magic.

I really enjoyed the dynamic between Anise and Wynn in this books, we definitely got to see more of their growing friendship in this book which was nice, though it would have been good to see more of her growing friendship with Gabi and Blair as well as they seemed glossed over in this. I enjoyed Anise as a character, she is someone you cant help but love and root for because she makes mistakes and holds herself accountable for them and it brave without being too brash. I find her to be a good example of a realistic heroine, understanding her own limits as a person and, though she gets herself into sticky situations, she uses her strengths to help when she can and knows when to let others help her as well.

Sugar Spells is another fun and exciting book by Lola Dodge and I am excited to pick up the third installation when it is released. Magic and baked goods, what’s not to love?