REVIEW: Maybe Someday

REVIEW: Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover 

4/5 Stars

“For her I bend, for you I break”

It has been a long time since I read a book that had me unable to put it down. Usually when I read at night I will get to a point, say midnight, and call it a day (I need my beauty sleep), however, with Maybe Someday midnight rolled around and I shoved it away, as I did with the next three hours. This is the first of Colleen Hoover’s books that I have picked up… I know, I know.. How could I have waited this long? Why did I choose this one to read first? And I have very good explanations for those questions but instead of answering them, I am going to rave about this incredible book.

Maybe Someday follows Sydney, who had just had her life turned upside down when her boyfriend is found cheating with her best friend/roommate. She is informed of this by the mysterious and handsome guitar player she’s been sending her lyrics to that lives across the street. This handsome man puts her up and aids her after her life tumble, resulting in a music-filled novel of what it means to trust, love and listen.



So first off, I cant write this without spoilers because, if you’ve read it you’ll know, Ridge- the handsome guitar player- is deaf. It through me for a loop and changed the way I had to assess every situation, the way someone who is deaf might approach things. Colleen Hoover incorporates these rich characters with so many faults and feelings into a romantic book riddled with humour and wit. This is a quick read, mainly because the characters are so vibrant and dynamic, they really pull the story (and your heart) in many directions.

Sydney- The protagonist. She is kick-ass right from the beginning to the very end. (Sydney book punch count: 4). After going through finding out her boyfriend of two years and best friend have been sleeping together their entire relationship, she handles it the way most people would, Throwing some punches, pranks and mean words and then crying and holing herself up for a while. When she and Ridge start realizing their growing feelings for each other, Sydney did everything she could not to become her best friend. Her quick wit and love of music made her a character I could identify with and was rooting for the entire way.

Ridge- 2nd Protagonist. Ridge is a deaf musician, who plays guitar beautifully and writes songs for his brother band (until he gets writers block and needs Sydney to). His internal struggle throughout the novel between his love for his girlfriend Maggie, and Sydney as well as his struggle with being deaf when the world around him is rich in sound makes him a character you instantly fall in love with. His incredible loyalty to everyone he loves and his joy with the world made me want to jump right inside the book and beg him to pick me instead.

Each of the supporting characters, Warren, Bridgette, Maggie, Brennan, Hunter and Tori, all had their own dynamic story that gave the book depth. In my opinion, when you can fall in love/hate with a side-character, something has been done right. 

This novel is full of moments that will have you on the edge of your seat/bed/carpet/where ever you read wanting to become a part of these characters lives. The main battle in this book is between desires and actions, putting aside what you want because it is right. The battle against the heart is not so easily fought and won, leaving Sydney and Ridge in a confusing place and battling their feelings together. Something I appreciated about their relationship was how truthful they were with each other, their honesty was refreshing and made their struggle both easier and harder. I recommend this book to anyone who loves romance and music, or reading about them. This novel is one that you wont be able to put down, or at least I couldn’t.

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