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REVIEW: The Geography of You and Me

REVIEW: The Geography of You and Me


The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith 

2.5/5 Stars


“And it struck her now—with a jarring obviousness—that a postcard was just about the stupidest possible form of communication.”

Wow. Really? You don’t say..

This book was cute and quirky and all of that that you would expect from Jennifer E. Smith, only heaped with so much more needlessness. The whole premise of this books is that Lucy and Owen get stuck in an elevator and then realize they enjoy each others presence, only to move away right after. Now, I have loved Jennifer’s other novels, the theme of fate and timing being perfectly sewn through an adorable story. But with The Geography of You and Me (which I am going to call GOYAM – for funsies) it sort of fell flat.

The main characters were stuck in the elevator for about ten minutes. Now, if I am being honest, if I was stuck in the elevator with someone for about ten minutes I probably wouldn’t talk to them about my life in depth or proceed to hang out with them after being rescued. And its all fine and dandy that this pair decided they were soul mates within ten minutes of talking to each other but the whole story from there just seemed highly unrealistic.

Postcards. This book relied so much on the postal system and went out of its way to avoid anything involving technology.. this is the 21st century, sending postcards is not a great way to communicate. I just feel like the entire book I was waiting for that *spark* and GOYAM didn’t deliver. I much prefer her other novels.