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REVIEW: The Raven Boys

REVIEW: The Raven Boys

blog-trbThe Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater 

5/5 Stars

“The trees speak Latin”

I had heard this quote over and over in the fandom world. I had always seen these books on the bookstore shelves and wanted to read them, however, the hype behind them was so huge that I thought to myself “how will this ever live up to my expectations?” If this is what you are thinking when you look at these books.. STOP THAT RIGHT NOW. Stiefvater’s writing is the best YA writing that I have encountered in a long time. This book is so well thought out and researched that it has a little bit of everything for everyone and is completely unique all at the same time. The dynamism the characters and the quick wit of the writing style create a world that I never want to leave. I just want to love all the Raven Boys!!

The Characters: The book focuses of a main group of four boys and a girl in high school but also contains side characters of various ages that do not simply act as static plot devices, but also have dynamism to their stories and growth. Blue, the main character (or at least one of them) is a strong, bad-ass character with so much spunk contained in her tiny form, you just cant help but want to love her, admire her, and be her best friend. Gansey, the head of the Raven Boys, is an old soul with a passion for history and a winning smile and you just want to open him up to see how he ticks, such an interesting character. Ronan, the bad boy (sorta), has so many layers to his personality, this book creates a need to unravel him. Adam, oh Adam, this sweet little cinnamon bun made me giggle (I don’t giggle) because he is just too much adorableness. I love each and every character because they have so many flaws, and this makes them a truly real group to read about.

The Setting: This takes place in the small town of Henrietta but contains so much magic and history that the world seems like an ever-inflating balloon of possibilities. Stiefvater does a great job in her descriptions that put the reader right into the town; becoming part of the action.

I started this book while in a reading slump and needless to say I no longer am in one. Stiefvater’s writing contains the perfect blend of description, familiarity and wit that left me aching for more. I could go on for days about each an every element in this book that made me love it but I will leave it up to you, readers, to grow your own hype and your own love for this series. Trust me. This is one book that lives up to every sqwee and every giggle and every heart wrenching scream.