Something that is becoming increasingly popular among authors and among the bookish community is adding a playlist to a novel. A lot of people find themselves listening to music while reading as a way of transporting themselves into the story. I have never been able to do this, for me I am either full on reading or I am full on jamming out, there is no multi-tasking of those two things.


I have chosen to remix the novel A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray to get ready for the release (much anticipated by moi) of A Million Worlds With You, which comes out on November 1st!

If you have not read this book, 1. READITITSSOGOOD 2. You are going to be spoiled by reading this. If you do not care, you should have some background, check out the synopsis on GoodReads


blog-claudia-grayA Thousand Pieces of You.

One Way or Another by Blondie … As Marguerite goes on her search for Paul to kill him for the murder of her father.

Out of My System by Youngr … When Marguerite cant stop thinking about the Paul she knew before, doing so at a raging party.

False Alarm by The Head and the Heart … After getting abducted by Paul and finding out he was framed for her fathers murder.

Journey to the Past (from Anastasia) … Entering the “Russia-verse” and walking through the halls of the Tsars palace.

Like Real People Do by Hozier … Falling in love with the Paul of the Russia-verse.

Bitter Water by The Oh Hellos … The Tsar’s palace under attack forced to run.

I Don’t Wanna Love Somebody Else by A Great Big World… Confused about Paul, which version of him Marguerite is really in love with.

Somebody Told Me by the Killers … When the real villain is revealed and Marguerite has to run away from him.

The Mtn Song by Rayland Baxter … During the sentimental conversation with Paul on the train.

Under the Sea (from The Little Mermaid) … Entering the “Ocean-verse” where they live in a lab under the ocean.

Love Love Love by Of Monsters and Men … finding that Marguerite’s father is alive and trapped.

Runaway by Galantis … When Theo turns out evil and Marguerite must leave that dimension, ending the novel.

This book is a confusing twist of universes and multiples of the same person, such a wonderful, engaging and quick read. These songs are all ones that I listen to and were on my playlist that I thought fit well with this books theme.

Happy reading and happy jamming out!





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