REVIEW: Furyborn

REVIEW: Furyborn


by Claire Legrand

3.75/5 stars

“Hot points of energy surged away from her fingertips, like needles stabbing their way out of her skin. The gold flooding the room careened away in spinning whorls of light.”

Furyborn is an epic high fantasy that spans a thousand years, from the fall of the great empire to the beginning of the uprising. Two queens were prophesied; one of blood and one of the sun. This novel follows Rielle, struggling to gain control of her immense power and fight against the angels that are breaking their way back into her world. Elaina, a thousand years later, an assassin for hire, goes on an unexpected journey to find her mother who has been taken by a group of elusive beings who have been stealing women and girls away for months. This novel follows both these incredibly strong women in their fight for themselves, those they love, and their world.

The plot/structure: The novel is a dual perspective high fantasy, each chapter switching perspectives back and forth between the two main women. When world building, this can be really jarring and confusing and I found the first bit to be hard to get into as the perspectives were a thousand years apart and thus there were almost two completely different worlds being built at the same time. That being said, this didn’t take away from the content of the novel and the interesting way the events unfolded. After the first bit, the perspective switching was something that kept me engaged, as I was so into both stories.

The characters: Both protagonists were strong women and that was evident right from the beginning. Rielle was complex, trying to push back against all the prejudice against her from a young age. I thought she handled her situation very well and admired her ability to fight for herself and those she loved despite all the challenges she faced. I found Elaina to be strong as well, but in a very different way. Her character was suppose to come off as “badass” but fell a little short and almost came off as unfeeling or psychotic. As the book went on it seemed that her character changed to make her a little more realistic, but those changes seemed to come from nowhere. I enjoyed her kickass nature nonetheless and was excited to see her character develop. The characters I enjoyed the most were the side characters: Evelyne, Ludivine, Remy. I thought they would be interesting to get to know and I was happily surprised by the depth some of them had.

The story: I enjoyed the story quite a lot, though it was similar to some other high fantasy novels I have read, it had many elements that intrigued me. The concept of these angels trying to escape and take over was a terrifying impending doom for the characters. It was interesting that the reader gets the ending before the beginning, the story working toward that prologue. This gave a good connection to the two perspectives but was a tad frustrating, knowing the fate of the characters. I am interested to see what happens in the next book to both of the protagonists.


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