REVIEW: Geekerella

REVIEW: Geekerella


by Ashley Poston

4/5 stars

Geekerella is a fresh and dynamic approach to the classic Cinderella tale. Set in the twenty-first century, this version incorporates the struggles of Cinderella’s classic character arc – stepsisters, stepmother, loneliness, etc – and spins them with the use of modern technology and every-day life in a digital world. Danielle (Elle) is a huge fangirl for the Starfield series, a sci-fi franchise she shared a love for with her parents before their deaths. The series is set for a reboot and, much to Elle’s distaste, the lead is to be played by 18-year-old soap opera heartthrob, Darien Freeman. Mistaken connections lead Elle and Darien to become friends through text, sharing their love for Starfield. Elle’s ticket to freedom comes in the form of her Dad’s brainchild, ExcelciCon, where Darien will be in promotion for the movie. Elle and Darien have no idea that their dreamy texting connections are closer than they know.

We all know the story of Cinderella… I would think. There have been adaptions upon adaptions for this classic story and it is a very difficult thing to stand out among the pile of neverending Ellas. I thought that Poston did an excellent job making her characters current and the story as unique as possible. The thread of Starflight was an exciting piece of the story, giving the story more depth than a simple contemporary YA.

I was surprised that I enjoyed Darien’s┬ácharacter the most, as many of Cinderella’s princes have very little story-line beyond being the love-interest. Elle seemed like a less dynamic character than Darien, and throughout the novel, I didn’t get a lot of her personality of personal preferences as I would have liked. That being said, I thought that that for the amount of story – it was not a very┬álong book – this glazing over the characterization didn’t affect my reading experience (mainly because I was so engrossed by the sci-fi aspect).

My overall thoughts on this novel were that it makes for a fantastic read when you might desire something a bit lighter and yet unlike the cleanse that so many contemporaries also provide, this one is spun through with an intriguing sci-fi thread. If you never get sick of the Cinderella story, then you’ll absolutely love this one as well.

ps. Ashley Poston’s new sci-fi novel makes a lot more sense now. I was confused at her complete 180 in genre but am now very excited and more likely to read her new work, Heart of Iron.


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