REVIEW: My Lady’s Choosing

REVIEW: My Lady’s Choosing


My Lady’s Choosing

by Kitty Curran


4.5/5 stars

“The carriage arrives at your destination, and you are shaken by your gloomy thoughts – if only for a moment. Perhaps tonight will be the night that everything changes?”

This choose-your-own-adventure incorporates your wildest fantasy of joining the cast of a Jane Austen book and the nagging sense of mystery and adventure. You get to be your own heroine, making your own choices and dealing with the consequences. This book is great for those who find themselves yelling at their romance novel heroines for picking the wrong guy or ending up in an unfortunate circumstance.

The journey begins in a second-person perspective walk-through of your characters and your desires. You are given the chance to get into character before making any big decisions on behalf of your new persona. This introduction was handled very well and piqued my excitement to continue through the book. You are also first introduced to several of the main characters, who may become love interests to you, should you choose them and their adventures. When first reading the book, I thought that these were the only love interests available, but going through my first read-through that proved not to be true, as I ended up somewhere completely different and with someone completely different than I had first thought I would.

I loved that the choices were made with a wit and hilarity that made the book so much more enjoyable to read. I found myself laughing and giggling at the choices and the way they were presented. The only pit-fall for me in this book was that there was no way to back-track. Losing your page is not an option because there is no “came from page so and so” at the top if you wanted to reread a section. Other than that I found it very readable and the page flipping grew my anticipation to further the story.

Another thing I was overjoyed about was the possibility of a LGBTQA+ relationship in the mix. So many stories blatantly disregard minorities and this book allows for your own sense of choice, taking into consideration that not everyone falls into the mould that victorian life perpetuates.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for something a little different as a way to spice up their reading and make their romantic hearts flutter (giggling along the way). It is a fun read that can take you 45 minutes or several days to complete. I, for one, will be going back in to see who I may end up with next time… a handsome rouge perhaps? a wealthy and witty lord?


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