REVIEW: The Goodbye Girls

REVIEW: The Goodbye Girls

The Goodbye Girls

by Lisa Harrington 

4/5 stars

“It’s weird, knowing something about someone they don’t know themselves. He had no idea what’s coming”

Lizzie Turner wants nothing more than to travel on the class trip to New York. Of course, that sounds easy until she realizes how much money it will cost to go – money that Lizzie and her family certainly don’t have. When she notices a trend among the students at her school she turns it into a business to save money for the trip. The business? Breaking hearts. Lizzie and her best friend, Willa, deliver “break-up baskets” to students, hired anonymously to break up on behalf of a classmate. Everything becomes more complicated when someone tries to sabotage them and they end up as some of the most hated people in the school.

The Goodbye Girls is an entertaining read, displaying a dramatic and exciting twist to the regular high-school narrative. Harrington creates a dynamic situation with characters that are dealing with both typical problems like having a crush just out of reach and very un-typical circumstances like knowing someone is going to broken up with before they do. The combination of these things made for a very compelling and fun read.

The characters were well written, though I did not find any of them particularly likable. This was not a pitfall, as they were realistic due to their flaws but I found this to bring forward a lack of proper motivation for some of their actions.

Overall, I found the book to be a fun read with some thought-provoking moments. I found the ending to be abrupt, not nearly giving closure on all the storylines that were presented in the novel and left many of the climax points open-ended and wish there had been a bit more of a wrap-up. This is a great read for students in middle-school and high-school or anyone who wants to enjoy a fun read about getting through hard times, dealing with siblings, or growing up.

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