REVIEW: Unwritten

REVIEW: Unwritten


by Tara Gilboy

4/5 stars

“we can be whoever we want”

Twelve-year-old Gracie Freeman knows that she is a storybook character, she sees flashes of that life in her dreams, of the fire and the gorgeous Queen Cassandra. When her mother found out that her daughter was destined to die in the story, she fled to a new world with one of the pages of the magical book. When the author comes to Gracie’s small town she is overwhelmed with curiosity for her world and her story. Little does Gracie know when the author disappears before her eyes, that she has alerted the Queen to their position and she will have to enter her story and face who she was suppose to be, questioning who she wants to be in the process.

This was a fun, very short read. I really enjoyed the fresh, unique concept of a fairy-tale character walking around our world and was not disappointed. What made this book for me was that Gracie struggled with how her past was going to affect her future and who she was as a person and in doing so she came to realize that our choices define us, nothing else. I think this is a great message for readers, all packaged up in a quick and fun read for middle-grade readers. The writing and setting made this an even more fun and interesting read, whimsy running through every page.

It was not a very long read and I think it could have used a little bit more detail as I was not entirely sure of the Queen’s motivations or much of the side-story that Gracie was from, but I think it was a great read with a great message.


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