TOP 5: Places to Read

TOP 5: Places to Read


Everyone has their own particular “reading spot”, the place where they feel the most comfortable sitting back to crack open your book and transport yourself inside. This place may change of course, don’t want to be flying hundreds of feet above the Quidditch pitch when the kids in the apartment upstairs wake up from their scheduled naps and start wailing above you- you’d fall off your broom.

Here are a few places that I find myself the happiest while going on m bookish adventures…

  1. My bed. Curled up in my covers like a happy burrito human.
  2. The couch. Only, of course when no one is around to try and sit beside me.
  3. Public Transit. Earphones in but not turned on and the weirdos on the bus jus disappear.
  4. The old Lazy Boy in the corner. Old, fabric furniture is perfect for cozying up.
  5. The corner of the room on the floor. It happens.

I’m honestly just happiest while reading and when no one is bothering me, If you have a specific place you love to read let me know in the comments, I’d love to try out new nooks.

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